meet susan anderson

Susan Anderson’s series ‘Thin Lines’ juxtaposes beautiful photography with simple reversed out typography loaded with emotion.


meet hannah stouffer

Hannah Stouffer aka GrandArray is a seriously rad illustrator/graphic designer based in LA. She holds an impressive portfolio of work and has worked for a number of high profile clients e.g. Levi’s, Nike and American Express. Her illustrations are just mind-blowing. I cant even begin to describe them. Check them out yourself here.


20 embroidered text messages that document the transient nature of love from start to finish. The text messages are honest and heartbreaking at times. Read them in sequence here.

cardboard love

I found a site today that I absolutely love. Every day a new message of love is scrawled on a scrap of cardboard and posted here for the world to read. It’s intimate and raw and incredibly touching.