inbox 12

I stumbled across a beautiful project this week that brings together 5 cities (London, New York, Berlin, Madrid and Tokyo), half a dozen illustrators from each city and a whole lot of hometown pride into a gorgeous collection of postcard love. The project in essence creates an illustrated guide to each city with each postcard being a recommendation from a local or souvenir of the city.

To read more about it, check out this interview with Inbox 12. If you love these as much as I do, you can purchase them here.


meet shani bijoux

I love discovering inspirational fellow Brisbane creatives, it gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling to see what wonderful things can bloom and flourish in this small and often underestimated city. Shani Bijoux is a street artist and illustrator who recently curated her first exhibition in Brew on Burnett Lane last month. Her graffiti style is so unique, I absolutely adore her use of intricate patterns, bold colours and swift lines, and can’t wait to stumble across her work next time I’m wandering through the city.

made in the now

This is one of my favourite sources of daily bite-size pieces of inspiration. Every 24 hours, Made in the Now creates a new t-shirt design inspired by interesting current events and global news headlines. Each clever design is only available for 24hrs so you have to snap them up real quick.
I absolutely adore this particular news story and the design created in response to the article.
Shirt #98, 23 October 2011:
From the Times of India: “More than 200 girls whose names mean “unwanted” in Hindi chose new names on Saturday for a fresh start in life. A central Indian district held a renaming ceremony, it hopes it will give the girls new dignity and help fight widespread gender discrimination that gives India a skewed gender ratio, with far more boys than girls.”  
Georgia Perry’s design fused the colours of India with a strong, simple statement for women everywhere. 
You can read more about it here.

meet christina ung

This lady has knocked my socks off.

Christina is an accomplished artist and illustrator based in Canada. She’s illustrated for countless major editorial publications around the world from BusinessWeek to Playboy to ‘O’ The Oprah Magazine. Her work is just gorgeous, I absolutely adore her linework and use of vintage comic book palettes.

As well as being a successful illustrator, Christina has also created a brilliant online web resource “Drawing for Dollars” where she regularly posts articles about freelancing and how to make your way as an illustrator. Pure gold for anyone starting out in the creative industry.

the colour

The Colour celebrates all things creative and Australian. Whether you’re interested in architecture, eco-sensibilities or design and photography, you’re sure to find something to pluck the patriotic heartstrings. Check out some real Aussie gems here.