meet shani bijoux

I love discovering inspirational fellow Brisbane creatives, it gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling to see what wonderful things can bloom and flourish in this small and often underestimated city. Shani Bijoux is a street artist and illustrator who recently curated her first exhibition in Brew on Burnett Lane last month. Her graffiti style is so unique, I absolutely adore her use of intricate patterns, bold colours and swift lines, and can’t wait to stumble across her work next time I’m wandering through the city.


meet miso

While I was down in Melbourne last December, I checked out Miso’s exhibition ‘Tchusse’ at the Gorker Gallery, not-so-coincidentally located on the corner of Gore St & Kerr St in Fitzroy, Melbourne. The exhibition is the essence of her home city Kharkov, Ukraine condensed into a single room, complete with paper building structures, clotheslines of tea-stained fabric and illustrated portraits of strangers, friends and family folk.

Miso works across a range of mediums, from pasting street art across the urban walls of Melbourne to delicate pencil illustrations on paper, to embroidered tea towels, to three-dimensional papercuts, to the most recent addition, a new collection of clothing bearing her handiwork. For more insight into the world of Miso, have a peek at her flickr too.